Nokia - Is it an End or Beginning of a New Era?

n9500,Bye Bye Nokia, End of an Era, Microsoft Oy, Nokia, Connecting People

19 years ago, former West Bengal chief minister Shri. Jyoti Basu at Writers' Building was the first to say ' Hello ', on a Mobile device. And at the other end former Union Communication Minister Mr. Sukh Ram. India's mobile journey started with the Nokia 2110. In 1995, Nokia introduced it's first mobile existence in India. It was the start.

Then .... Unwittingly Nokia became happiness, sorrow, joy and love for the Indians. This led the Nokia phones to be a part of the family. For everyone, Eight to eighty, from a small village to a big city Mobile meant - "Nokia".

In 1998 Nokia was the first to make ringtone "Sarrey jahan se Achaa " We got the first taste of Indian tune as a ringtone in our mobile phones.

Then in  2000 our national language Hindi was added to mobile devices. Nokia's 3210 handset is the first to use Hindi menu . In 2002 Nokia brings 7650, the first camera phone.

Nokia 1100

In 2003, Nokia made a huge success in the world market with Nokia 1100, the first mobile phone I used !!  It shipped to approximately 250 million people across the world.

In Q1 2004 Nokia brings it's first phone with Wi-fi technology (N9500).

n9500,Bye Bye Nokia, End of an Era, Microsoft Oy, Nokia, Connecting People

In 2006 Finland based company, Nokia set up it's first mobile factory in Chennai. In 2009, Nokia introduced Nokia Life Tools, a premium service for Indian users with information regarding Health, Agriculture, Astrology, Life Skills and many more. In the same year Nokia introduced "Asha" Series with Stephen Elop.

In 2011, on 26th day of October, Nokia announced it's first Windows Phone. A mid range Lumia 710 and high end Lumia 800. Motivated by requests from the U.S. carrier AT&T for an LTE-enabled device, Nokia quickly developed the Lumia 900 as a follow-up, first unveiled at the 2012 International CES.

With the Popularity of Open Source Mobile OS, Android and Java platform, manufactures like Samsung started the business with low cost hardware and variety of models to choose from.  In 2012, Samsung has overtaken Nokia as the top mobile phone brand and has opened up a decisive lead over Apple in the smartphone market. Nokia refused Android and decided to continue with Meego, Symbian and s40 OS.

In 2013, Nokia realized the blunder it had made, refusing Google's Android and released the Nokia X series.

In 2014, Microsoft finally owns Nokia's handset division. The two companies announced that they have completed the deal, Nokia offloading the hardware department to Microsoft for  $7.2 billion. Microsoft has bought the devices and services part of Nokia's business, which is now  known as Microsoft Mobile Oy (Oy being a Finnish word for a company, like Ltd. or Inc.). 

The era of Nokia Mobile devices ended today as Microsoft has released the first Lumia with the brand name Microsoft, dropping the age old NOKIA tag. Microsoft 'Big on Experience' started its journey with Lumia 535.

Meanwhile, Nokia will continue to be a networking company and will also continue to license Here maps.